In English: Are Fanfictions Our New Books?

Let's see how it is in my friends’ fandoms and what they read and write about. I asked two of my friends to join me for an interview...

Hey girls, thanks for coming, which fandom do you belong to? And what are your names?

Rebecka 16: I’m a part of many different fandoms and my name is Rebecka. (Okay, she mentioned all fandoms but I don´t remember them)

Elsa 14: I´m a part of the fooofamily, the best family <3 Oh.. my name is Elsa.

So where can I find your fanfictions?

Rebecka,16: You can find my fanfictions on Wattpad, but they're terribly lame and horribly written, so I recommend you to not read them...

Elsa 14: Same as Rebecka…

(I definitely disagree, but hey, that is what they said…) Why did you start writing fanfictions?

Rebecka,16: I started writing bINecause I wanted the fanfictions I'd read to end differently. That, and I wanted to pretend somethFing like that could actually happen... you can say that I for a while lived through my fanfictions... (still do, but now I live through other's)

Elsa 14: Because I had a crazy idea and I wanted to write about it...

What genres do you write and read? Rebecka, 16: Right now I mostly read contemporary fanfictions - meaning just cheesy romantic ones without any real action or supernatural happenings... - mostly about youtubers, but I also read a lot of Teenfiction which is almost the same except it's not written about celebrities, but self made characters. I don't write that much at the moment... if I write it's mostly teenfictions and not fanfictions... Elsa 14: Well I don’t really know… romantic maybe, no I write brutal fanfictions…

When do you read fanfictions?

Rebecka,16: I read fanfictions all the time... on free periods in school, on my way to -and home from- school, at home, when I'm actually supposed to sleep....

Elsa 14: Same as Rebecka… again... Why do you think the trend om fanfictions started?

Rebecka, 16: I think the world of fanfictions started through books. I think that people reading the books might not have liked the way they ended and wrote their own endings. Then fanfictions were written about real life celebrities also because of things fans wanted to happen, but didn't happen....

I think a lot of people like to put their boring lives on hold and fantasize about other people’s lives. It's really the perfect way to forget about your own seemingly irrelevant problems and duties. The perfect vacation from your everyday life, that you can go on whenever you want to... It's a drug really... making you want more and care less about things that actually matter... Not that I care too much about that…

Elsa 14: Well people shared it with their friends and then it became a trend….

Okay, thanks girls for your help, I hope that everybody now knows what a fanfiction is… A summary of this interview is that a fanfiction is not just a genre, it’s also an escape from all problems and from our boring lives. It´s really intrestning. I hope you all enjoyed the interview.

---Fun FanFiction Facts:---

Fanfiction is a sort of book genre. It is all about famous people. It is mostly kids and teenagers who read and write fanfictions. 80% of all fanfiction is very brutal, well at least in the subgenre Fooofamily, my family. Here are two sentences from the book I´m reading right now: “What have they done to you?” “As long as his heart beats, my life is worth living”.

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