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As most of you know, there are a lot of refugees in the world right now that are trying to escape their old lives in war zones and poor areas. Sadly the refugees are not welcome everywhere.

Imagine watching your house getting bombed, your husband getting shot in the head on his way home or living in constant fear that something will happen to your family. Imagine having to leave your whole life behind to go on an extremely dangerous boatride to try and get a better life. How would you feel if you and your family actually survived that deadly boatride and made it to a country where you’re clearly not welcome and the police are trying to send you back to the dangerous war zone you came from? I honestly could never imagine the fear in these people’s heads, and the disappointment they feel when they realize that privileged people do not want to help them.

The only question I have right now is “Why won’t you help people and let them come to your country”? I have read that people are saying that we should help people in their home countries instead of helping them come to a safe place. It doesn’t make sense to say that when a country is taken over by war and there’s basically nothing we can do to help. Fleeing is their only chance to get a better and safer life, so why can’t we just help them? Fine, there are some complications, like where are they all going to live, and how can we afford having them here? But I think those are minor problems compared to what these people have gone through. We have places where no one is at night where the refugees can sleep and get a roof over their heads. Food is also a problem but if a lot of people were to buy a bit of food I think it would be enough. We throw away so much food that we could give away instead. The most important thing us priviliged people can do is to welcome these refugees to our country and help them create a new, safe life. No one has to go through what most of the refugees have been through, it would just be selfish of us not to help them.

It frustrates me how some people in parties in Sweden don’t feel the need to welcome these people into our country. They think it’s enough to send some food to the war zones, but it’s not! They need to come to a new country and create a new life, everyone should have that chance.

My conclusion is that we need to help the refugees and be more welcoming to them. We have the chance to help so why not do it. We need to stop being so selfish and help these people get another chance in life. It’s the least we can do to help these people in need.

Thanks for letting me share my opinion with you!

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